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The researchers hope their findings may be used to better streamline conservation strategies in the future, according to lead author Karlo Hock from the University of Queensland (UQ). "These reefs give some idea of where this local management can be targeted," Dr Hock said. Ramping up existing regulations in these areas, such as no-anchor zones and active removal of crown of thorns starfish, are some management options available. The starfish is particularly effective at decimating reefs already under stress and can totally denude a reef of living coral during an outbreak, UQ researcher Bernie Degnan told the ABC earlier this year. "It depends on the density of the outbreak [but] under extreme cases you can have 150,000 animals in a square kilometre of the reef and some of these starfish get to half a metre in diameter," Professor Degnan said. Although Dr Condie believes targeting starfish is a good option, he thinks it may be time to look at more interventionist strategies. "The situation has gotten bad enough now that we're really being forced to [look at intervention] and the [Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority] is talking about options in this direction," he said.